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Iversity Opens Doors for Free Education

With the forthcoming opening of Berlin-based Iversity (http:/ -- an online university offering courses for free -- a couple of weeks from now, many are wondering what would be its impact in the field of education - or rather its fate after a year or two as the competition just got steeper with the previous launching of other online education providers like US-based Udacity and Cousera .

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Some posit it will make a dent - a significant dent in the delivery of education - especially to those who have forgone schooling or going to university or want to gain additional education but lack the financial means. With its MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platform its movers are hoping it will bridge the divide between quality education and social demographics as anyone can now enjoy university education anywhere and whatever your social status is.

Other ways to access this kind of education:

Created by Harvard and MIT.

Online classes from top instrutors and industry experts. Take courses at your own pace.

In partnership with top institutions such as Stanford and Yale University.

Khan Academy
Virtual library of more than 4100 educational videos.

Collaborative learning from the Wikimedia Foundation.

OpenCourse Ware Consortium
A repository of courses and lectures from top universities.

iTunes U
Create or download lectures for iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Textbook Revolution
Free textbooks at your own disposal

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